Key features

Based on methods developed at
IESE Business School and
co-created with highly innovative companies

Participants (employees) find it very easy to use. They only have 3 simple buttons on their home page

Innovation Council or Management Committee members have more options, yet only 4 straightforward buttons. Effective engagement can result in only a few minutes. 


Collaborative: invited people, in your team or department, will join forces with colleagues to address the challenges, provide comments, enhance and vote on ideas
You can use it from everywhere! From your company, their home, while traveling, always accessible. All you need is access to Internet

You only need a browser to use Easycrit!

So is accessible from everywhere!

Easycrit is supported by SOFT4CRIT on the following editions of Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 11, and/or Microsoft Edge and is supported only on a specific Windows 10 release branch Windows 10 1511 Current Branch for Business.

Easycrit is supported also by SOFT4CRIT in other browsers like Chrome or Safari.

Let's start today using Easycrit to develop better your project with new ideas!

Encourages extensive contributor participation. For example, comments can be entered as done in Facebook (c).
Scalable and affordable. easycrit uses one of the biggest data center networks in the world: Microsoft Windows Azure

You can see this installation in YouTube:


  • Credibility: Used by many innovative companies, incorporating proven methodology developed at IESE Business School, and applying the experience of expert consultants in innovation and continuous improvement


  • Provides leading innovation users the power to control and drive the process very simply. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are continuously updated



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