easycrit helps you to boost new ideas in your Department or Business Unit

easycrit is the best way to focus the attention and creativity of your people, to capture their ideas and translate these into tangible projects and initiatives

When you start innovating

Everyone gives you lots of ideas...

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To bring order to innovation

With Easycrit you will put order to innovation process in your organization. Find easily ideas your colleagues are posting, in which stage are they. Find how many ideas or projects are related with your interest today, etc.

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Keen to innovate

Make people keen to innovate, mindful of innovation potential, sensitized innovation strengths

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Pays off!

Achieve credibility innovation. Achieve quickwins. Benefit from the knowledge that your staff has. If those responsible for innovation change, everything will continue in the hands of the company

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Replicable Results

Brings Systematization. Ensures the quality of results

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Consultancy services + tools

Need support to organize innovation in your company? Take advantage of years of experience helping hundreds of companies to innovate

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Supplier Development

Need a way to send challenges to your suppliers and let them bring their ideas to you? With easycirt this is possible. They will see their ideas but not the ideas from other providers

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Innovation in Automotive


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