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1. How much time is necessary to implement easycrit?

Only in 24h you will be able to use it. Letting you invite others to contribute. So easy!

2. This type of product is only for large companies?

Definitely NO! Any business innovates and/or manage improvements about his processes and products or services. Innovation is not an exclusive discipline for large companies. We have customers with 50 people very happy using easycrit as the case of the company Aranguren Commercial Embalaje SL (Valencia, Spain, Or the company Prefabricats Planas (Girona, Spain, with 70 people

3. Must be involved the whole company at once?

No. It is better to start with a small team or department, learn, and from there, go elsewhere of the company, extrapolating the experience. Sometimes it is interesting to use an easycrit at each department who wants to enrich their improvement system or want to organize their innovation. Department’s interests (goals) are usually different from others. This means that sometimes it is better to have a group for each department separately. Each group has his own Idea Manager and his own criteria to select ideas. Especially in large companies. 

4. How much time is needed for the Idea Manager?

Using easycrit the time you will need to control, focus and follow all the process will be reduced very much. As there is a database behind, every change is automatically reflected everywhere. We asked to Innovation Managers how much time do they spend related to innovation or improvement process and they answer us: “…using easycrit, with only 2 hours every 15 days it is enough to follow the innovation process of my company…”

Also, as all members of the Innovation Committee or Council, or members of the Improvement Council, will have access to easycrit, so they will have an always updated reporting system about all ideas, as a way to follow the projects of the company or department.

5. Not enough with just a spreadsheet and using e-mail?

We have seen many companies that start using spreadsheets. We believe could be okay to start, to learn and understand. But that will not get a rich system in contributions. When you want to participate, for example, a group of people, there is the need to share. And spreadsheets fall short in this goal. Emails are not shared across the enterprise, naturally. So you lose a lot of information (comments, contributions, criteria ...) that may be useful to other people in the organization. Within easycrit every idea has its own forum comments (like a wall in © Facebook). Just that, enriches much more the idea maturation, and provides criteria for many people.

6. It is easy to setup?

Yes, you just have to take into account some things, like:

  • Which people do we invite?
  • Which criteria we'll use to choose the best ideas?
  • What challenges do we propose to inspire people?

And if you need help to do it, always has us willing to give answers. As we have done with many companies!

You will enjoy a network of specialized consultants with long experience that can help you at all times

7. It is a secure system?

Yes! We use encryption when data is sent or received from the system. This protects the information travels over the network, ensuring that anyone can grasp. You can see “https” in your internet address. The "s" at the end means encryption is used to ensure data.

If we understand that security is to have the system always available, we thought that being able to make copies between datacenters worldwide can ensure high availability even more than in your own computer systems, that rely on your internal resources to devote. Please watch this video. We find difficulties to overcome the immense and secure infrastructure where easycrit is based on.


Please, see this video to know more about easycrit use infraestructure

8. At my company we are continually innovating and improving, so why do we need an easycrit?

Improvement and innovation experts say if you do not do this (innovate and improve) you would probably not exist as a company. It is therefore evident that the vast majority of companies continuously improve their processes and products. However, there is a big difference in doing it sporadically or provoke it systematically. The companies that are earning more money do it systematically and consistently. That's when comes the need to use tools that help as easycrit. Because then you need a tool to capture ideas from everyone, to share, to collaborate in an easy way, to alert people involved and the amount of information to manage makes unviable processing them by manual proceedings (like spreadsheets or e-mails).

9. Can be used for continuous improvement?

Exactly! easycrit can be your system to collect ideas for improvement, proposals of best practices, etc. And allows monitoring everything, without losing anything, and giving individual feedback to each author of the idea. Finally, easycrit will show the benefits of the introduction of these improvements to all users, motivating to continue contributing. The words that define easycrit process can be changed to suit your business vocabulary.

10. Which languages does easycrit suport?

easycrit is based on dictionaries. So if you need any language, we only have to translate a simple list of words to create a version with your language.

The most important question is: which language will be understood by the major users you want to engage? We can serve easycrit in nearly all languages in the world.


11. How much time is needed for a Member of the Approval Council?

Time from them is only needed when a voting process is needed (idea selection). There are two times during all the process where the members of the Innovation or Improvement Council spend time with easycrit:

1) When they have to vote, during, by example 15 minutes, the new Opportunities appeared in easycrit and

2) Before selecting the definitive projects to launch. In this case, an independent selection is done based on information already in easycrit.

Of course when a member of the Innovation Council have an idea, he/she can put it into easycrit. But this can be done in less than a minute.

Or if they want to know how is all the process: number of ideas in each stage, or different reports, it takes few seconds to have this information.

12. Is scalable? I mean, when there are many users (thousands) using easycrit also works fine?

Absolutely yes! We are using one of the most scalable infrastructures that exist in the world. It is called Microsoft Windows Azure. You can see more data available electronically. For example, see this video to know more about it.


Please, see this video to know more about easycrit use infraestructure


13. Which is the difference between easycrit and a traditional suggestion box?
  1. With a suggestion box the feedback it is more expensive and takes more time for the managers to be done. So the motivation of the authors is worth with the suggestion box. People used to have answers quickly
  2. You have writing by hand when using a traditional suggestion box. So the possibility not to understand what is written is high
  3. You don’t have to use paper when using easycrit
  4. People can be far away, thousands of kilometers, from the Innovation Manager and the feedback can be very fast thanks to easycrit functionality
  5. To know how are your ideas (proceeded, voted, etc..) it is nearly impossible with a suggestion box
  6. With easycrit you follow all your ideas, and can see where are they
  7. With easycrit you can collaborate on the ideas of the others. You don’t have this possibility with a traditional suggestion box
  8. With easycrit you can give your opinion (I like, I don’t like) to each idea
  9. Thanks to easycrit the time spend from the Innovation Council is reduced as much as possible, because a very fast and simple way to vote with agreed criteria. This is not achieved with a suggestion box
  10. The Idea Manager, using easycrit, can see who is more active only with a click
  11. With easycrit the Idea Manager can see indicators of all the Improvement process just only going to a home page
  12. With easycrit the managers can focus the creativity thanks to launching different challenges (in seconds), engaged to the strategy of the company. This is a dynamic process. With a suggestion box, this can cost a lot of time and paper!
14. Why I can’t login to easycrit from the home page of

easycrit is not a massive application open to everyone. It isn't a open innovation system to all Internet users worldwide.

easycrit is an exclusive application for your team, department or company. In easycrit you have ideas and projects which can be critical for your future. So this information shouldn’t be shared with everyone. Each team, department or company which buys easycrit, have an exclusive site to get in, in a safe way.

Technical issue: if you want to connect your easycrit with your own Active Directory (to synchronize easycrit users with your intranet users) please contact with easycrit team. They will help you to do this. If you need easycrit on-premises, it is also possible.

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