Pays off!

Achieve credibility innovation

Achieve quick wins


Benefit from the knowledge that your staff has


easycrit facilitates quick results

It demonstrates to people within the company that accomplishments can be enhanced if the company manages its creativity and innovation

Translating innovation into results demands broad contribution

With easycrit people from different department can share information and joint forces to boost quality contributions

People feel ideas are treated fairly in the system

Progress is noticeable. Involvement increases

In the core of a company’s strategy

Very few platforms have been designed to place innovation in the core of a company’s strategy. easycrit integrates innovation with the rest of key success areas of the firm. The system has been conceived bearing in mind the demands of both top management and innovation heads

It balances three basic needs

easycrit makes it possible to solve a crucial trade-off. It balances three basic needs: to run a system that can be adjusted, to limit expenses and to deliver short-term results



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