A new software tool to achieve your goals in innovation management

We offer you this smart, easy to start and affordable tool to drive your innovation process to achieve the goals you need

Software to guide employee imagination

Enhance innovation and the improvement process   

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Used to capture ideas for improvement or innovation

You can easily configure the output for your easycrit

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Only your Company will have access to their ideas and projects

Only the authorized people you invite will see the ideas and projects of your department, team or company

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Let ideas flow in your team, comments flow on each idea. Let contributions unfold and flow in your company

“Flow” defines very well what easycrit can do for you. If you want to create, reinvent, innovate and transform your business, you need challenges, ideas, contributions and projects to flow in your company. easycrit makes it easier for you

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3 role players: Participants, Council and Idea Manager

Each person has a clear role in the process. For each one, there is a specific and simple menu of functionality. Easy to learn in less than 15 minutes

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Key features

Based on management methods developed at the IESE Business School and co-created with highly innovative companies. Easy to use, flexible, agile, scalable and effective (proven results!). Without installation, 100% cloud, and all this at a very affordable cost

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