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Nos inspiramos en lo esencial de la naturaleza para pensar y realizar nuestra misión. Somos sinergia. Somos investigación e innovación. Somos evolución.


We assist organizations to design their future, their best version. We accompany them in the process of connecting with the stated vision and create the necessary actions to achieve it. Innovation Management 360° based on commitment.


Paul White. Dedicated to a better understanding of corporate innovation, this siste provides insight into the management practices of innovate companies. Why are certain companies able to sustain innovation over decades? A25-Factor Survey permits repondents to profile their own corporate culture for innovation. The 25 Factors were developed from an intensive examination of the management practices of 28 of the world's most innovative companies. Practical ideas for improving innovativeness are also available.


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PIE Programa de Innovación Empresarial


Programa diseñado para apoyar a las empresas a desarrollar sus capacidades de innovación

Basado en 4 pilares: Assessment, Estrategia, Entrenamiento & Coaching y Aplicación


Apoyamos a nuestros clientes en la implementan un sistema integral de gestión de innovación. 

Ayudamos a los empresarios a direccionar estratégicamente y operativamente la innovación desarrollando las condiciones organizacionales requeridas para que la innovación perdure en el tiempo, entrenando al talento humano en creatividad, definiendo el sistema(s) de innovación apropiado para el tipo de innovación requerida según sea el caso en: producto, proceso, servicio, sistema de negocio, organización y/o mercadotecnia. 


Promovemos la innovación como una habito organizacional, que busca hacer del día a día una experiencia evolutiva y adaptativa al constante cambio. Apoyamos el desarrollo de sistemas de innovación y a gestionar las oportunidades del sistema de innovación.



We are a company that will help you when you ask "How to do it?"


Organizing workshops so you can practice the theory and experience first hand Innovation and Continuous Improvement Tools.

We are part of a network of companies that represent different industrial and commercial sections, which cooperate together and take advantage of our partners' strengths.

Sounds interesting? Go ahead!, surf by our web page and find different workshops in different themes that for sure will interest you.



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Total Business Innovation, an international network of leading consulting organizations with ample experience in innovation strategy, BP management, organizational solutions, BSC and innovation -competence development to hundreds of companies like Roche Diagnostics, Amgen, Nutrexpa, Telefónica, Henkel, Abertis, Nissan Europe, or Nestlé.

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