Innovation in Automotive

Use a platform others already use. Why are IDIADA, PULLMAN, KOMATSU, GESTAMP, SEAT, ANORTEC, AUSA, TECALUM... using easycrit? These companies understand with easycrit it is possible to take advantage of everyone

Tier 1 or Tier 2 companies are using easycrit to create their innovations

The automotive sector (industrial sector in general) understands perfectly how the innovation process works. They are always innovating. Knowledgeable engineers, technicians, scientists and field experts collaborate best when they can do so systematically. For them it is natural to use easycrit to improve what they do everyday


Distributed geographically but linked by easycrit

Many companies have more than one location. This makes it more difficult to share the good ideas among different people. With easycrit a person from one site can comment, add value, and participate in the creation of an idea from people in different venues. This helps to unite teams that are geographically distant. 

Continuous and systematical innovation to continuously and systematically achieve leadership

Successful companies need to continuously innovate to lead in their market. Innovation is critical and strategic. Easycrit allows them optimize their innovation process in order to excel. 

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