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Need support to organize innovation in your organization? Help to create your first Innovation Council? Support to create your first Ideation Campaign?

Take advantage of years of experience in our network of consultants


Our network of consultants s a group of specialists in creativity and innovation, with extensive experience in these fields.

These experts have helped hundreds of organizations of all types and sizes. Their expertise can help avoid many common errors that are made when trying to systematize innovation.


Innovation systems and ecosystems


We support the development of innovation systems in the company, and help you leverage the opportunities the innovation ecosystem provides local and international level.


We help transform projects into results, managing in a different way, innovative projects and ventures of organizations.

Diagnose the degree of evolution of the culture of innovation in an organization.


Based on the diagnosis, we present the results and offer our proposal for next steps, focusing on the most relevant points of improvement. With the aim of:


  1. Be efficient in their use of resources.
  2. Obtain first successes to generate a stimulus in the search for the next steps.


We train in the skills identified as improvement.

We train and support during the how to manage innovation projects. This commits us from the alignment to obtain the first results.

Develop and systematize the creative thinking for an innovative organization.


We provide companies with support in training, workshops and methodology in the different steps of the management process of Creative Thinking:


  • Identify where creativity and innovation can add value.
  • Transforming these creative focus in questions to optimize the generation of ideas.
  • Generate new questions to start a process of divergence.
  • Generate ideas, select and transform with creative techniques.
  • Implementing culture change and train people for creativity and innovation come into the DNA of the company.
  • Systematize the process simple and pragmatic way for a permanent change leading to the organization to be truly innovative
Special Problem Solving Workshops


We are using a very powerful and new method to help you solve many kinds of problems. 

With 5 people from your team, round a table, we (with your team) will facilitate the creation of 3 solution pilots in only 90 minutes.

This is a very proved method global multinational companies are already using.



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