A way to engage everyone in innovation

Idea contest!

Create an idea contest with Easycrit

This is a way to engage everyone in innovation!


Many companies are using idea competition to capture ideas from everyone. It is a good idea as focuses all interest in a short period of time. Concentrates the communication efforts. Giving some gifts for the best ideas at the end.


To do it, Easycrit can help you, as it is very easy to start and manage. And it is also very easy to use by people who never have seen it.

Example 1: SABA

SABA launched an idea contest to 4 countries at the same time using Easycrit.


It was a wonderful success, as everyone could participate, hundreds of ideas came to the Easycrit.


As everyone could participate, all where engaged to innovation process, in a simple way.


SERNAPESCA is the National Fishing Service in Chile.


They created an idea contest for all the country people. 


Again, hundreds of ideas come to Easycrit and provoked a nice engagement to innovation.

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