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In 1978, with the aim of marketing and producing frits, glazes and ceramic colours Esmalglass is established in Villarreal (Castellón, Spain). One year later, after having designed and built its first melting kiln, Esmalglass starts its industrial and commercial activity offering its customers a service based on technical assistance, design and guarantee of future which nobody had proposed so far. Following this service vocation it is developed a standard of international implantation in the main markets of the ceramics and so the first headquarters is established in Italy in 1979.

Beginning from 1982 the great effort in R+D+i fructifies and the proper technologies developed are implicitly welcomed by the ceramic industry, specially the glazes by dry method and for single firing. Esmalglass continues growing and opens new headquarters in the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and Brazil.

Correspondingly Itaca starts its activity in 1989 in La Pobla Tornesa (Castellón, Spain) dedicated to the manufacturing and trading of ceramic colours. Basing its philosophy in a continuous compromise with the customers and supporting its strategy on the innovation of the production process, design, an efficient technical service and a firm support to R+D+i, Itaca become a leader in the field of the ceramic colours, especially for bodies and porcelain.

In 1999, Esmalglass and Itaca joined and started as the Esmalglass-Itaca Group, a group leader in technology, products, technical assistance and design.

Nowadays we have grown to consolidate in the most important ceramic markets worldwide, positioning us among the top three companies in the world in our sector. We are more than 1.000 people worldwide working together with a same aim: our customers’ satisfaction.


easycrit as the tool to manage the Innovation Process, integrated within our intranet


“In ITACA we have implemented easycrit as the support tool for our Innovation Committee, allowing us a greater degree of accessibility and control of the innovation system for all employees. It facilitates our goals of making more efficient and effective general procedures and directives within the domain of innovation in the company.”




Frits, glazes and ceramic colours





Jesús Fernández Valenzuela

Head of Service Department and R&D, ITACA

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