AUSA is a family company focused on innovation. AUSA designs, manufactures and markets compact commercial vehicles for construction, municipalities, industry, agriculture and many other sectors.

It was founded in 1956 and currently AUSA has subsidiaries in France, UK, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and China.

AUSA delivers products to over 80 countries through more than 500 distributors in 5 continents.


easycrit as a intranet service to manage the innovation process


easycrit is perfect to speed up and align the fuzziest stages of the innovation process, which are the evaluation and selection of ideas according to relevant strategic criteria, under the management of the Innovation Committee in AUSA. It also facilitates the online progression of different phases of the innovation process, thereby improving the speed of response and number of people involved. easycrit makes available the key indicators for innovation management, updated through a single click, and allows the company to focus its attention on the most urgent area in each moment. It has a high degree of flexibility, critical to reach the end of the process: the return on investment of the ideas generated in the company.”







Juan Andrés Aixendri

Managing Director

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