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GeiserBox - waste Active Higienization
GeiserBox® represents a new concept in the treatment of the Municipal Solid Waste, which offers important advantages in relationship to the methods employed presently.

The GeiserBox® system developed by the Ambiensys engineers, processes the Municipal Solid Waste and the reject produced by the plants based on traditional selection models, to convert them into clean materials with market valorization.

The great versatility of its design, allows it to process from 25.000 to 600,000 tons annually of residues, in a reduced space. 

The GeiserBox® system has been conceived as a primary process of waste transformation. This means that the separation of the materials will take place during a second phase, using conventional separation equipments  increasing his efficacy up to 95% . 

The GeiserBox®  also can be adapted previously to the  Mechanical-Biological plants, reducing in a 80% to 5% the reject of these facilities, while that will be also reduced the bad smells and the maintenance costs.

GeiserBox - waste Active Higienization
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